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JNTU NA14 Plagiarism Checkers Using Data Mining Presentation

Topic : Plagiarism Checker for Assignments Using DATA MINING 

1) Submit a brief abstract describing your final project. 150-200 words

2)Submit final project materials. Word document 20 Pages APA Format  , double spaced, written in APA format, showing sources and a bibliography

3) 15 slides ppt

The topic should apply data mining techniques to real-world problems. If required, data and software for these projects can be obtained from various Internet sites, or developed by students.

Sample project ideas include but not limited to the following: Customer segmentation, Predictive model for customer retention, Customer churn in a specific retail area, mining of web logs and fraud detection.

Project guidelines:

General guidelines for a final paper include, but are not limited to, a choice of a relevant topic, gathering bibliographic sources, whether in print or on the web, and providing status reports as the project goes. What makes a topic relevant is, first of all, it’s data mining context. The research is not expected to be 100% original, interesting problems and good results may be found in literature. But it is important to present them from a data mining standpoint.

A successful student paper would contain a short abstract and an introduction, where the choice of topic, approach and main results are briefly presented. It should also have one or more chapters in the body of the paper, where the problem is clearly stated and methods to solve it are discussed. In these main chapters a student should demonstrate an understanding of the goals and techniques and clearly show a value of data mining approach to solving the problem. Results can be presented here, too. Research results are briefly listed again in a ‘Conclusions’ chapter, that could also discuss challenges and future development, if applicable. An optional ‘Acknowledgements’ section may be added, if desired, to thank those who contributed via discussions, consultations, etc. ‘References’ section would contain a bibliography and conclude the paper.


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