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JSU Assessing Student Learning of New Concepts and New Ideas Analysis

This is the 5th and final paper

You will use the lesson plan and reflection previously submitted and conduct an analysis of one assessment from your lesson, provide example work samples, and share corrective feedback provided to students.

Before you begin the assignment, you need to think about the following:

  • How will you gather evidence and make sense of what students have learned?
  • How will you provide meaningful feedback to your students?
  • How will you use evidence of what students know and are able to do to plan next steps in instruction?
  • How will you identify evidence of and explain students’ use of language that demonstrates the development of content understanding?

These questions are designed to help you think about your response. The answers to the questions should help you form your narrative, but your narrative must be very specific to your classroom, your lesson and your students. Read the assignment requirements carefully and be sure to respond to each criteria.

The Assignment

Select one assessment from your lesson you will use to evaluate your students’ developing knowledge and skills. It should be an assessment that is completed all individuals in the class. The assessment should provide opportunities for students to demonstrate the essential strategy/skill/concept taught and any related skills. Define and submit the evaluation criteria you will use to analyze student learning related to the understandings described above.

For this submission, referencing the selected assessments, you will write a commentary in which you respond to the following:

  1. Analyzing Student Learning
    • State the specific learning objective(s) measured by the assessment you chose for analysis.
    • Provide a graphic (table or chart) or narrative that summarizes student learning for your whole class.
    • Use evidence found in the 3 student work samples and the whole class summary to analyze the patterns of learning for the whole class and differences for groups or individual learners relative to the lesson strategy/skill/concept and related skills. You must include 3 work samples of your focus students, including at least one student with special learning needs, (ELL, Special Ed, GT, etc) that includes specific feedback you gave these students.
      Note: Consider what students understand and do well, and where they continue to struggle (e.g., common errors, confusions, need for greater challenge).
  2. Feedback to Guide Further Learning – Refer to specific evidence of submitted feedback to support your explanations.
    • Identify the format in which you submitted your evidence of feedback for the 3 focus students. (written or spoken)
    • Explain how feedback provided to the 3 focus students addressed their individual strengths and needs relative to the learning objectives measured.
    • Describe how you will continue to support each focus student to develop understanding of the lesson strategy/skill/concept and use this feedback to further their learning related to learning objectives, either within this lesson or at a later time.

Your analysis must include how the class assessment impacts your plans for instruction and any specific groupings/adaptations you need to make in order to increase student achievement for all students

Select three student work samples that represent the patterns of learning (i.e., what individuals or groups generally understood and what a number of students were still struggling to understand) you identified in your assessment analysis. These students will be your focus students for this task. At least one of the focus students must have specific learning needs, for example, a student with an IEP (Individualized Education Program) or 504 plan, an English language learner, a struggling reader or writer, underperforming student or a student with gaps in academic knowledge, and/or a gifted student needing greater support or challenge. You must include the feedback on the work samples you provide.


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