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JWI 555 Strayer Importance of Short Term Wins in Change Initiative Response


Hello Professor and Class:


Comment on change initiatives you have been involved in at work,
as well as change initiatives you have undertaken in your own
professional life.


How important were short-term wins – or “milestones” – along the way?
Accomplishing short-term wins is an especially important part of the
change initiative. Transformation begins with transparency of
communication to help initiate leadership ideas of innovation. Giving
the team or workforce recognition for accomplishing the short-term goals
and show the benefits and get employees feedback to keep the initiative
alive. Continue to plan and inform the organization of other milestones
and the benefits as we reach our goals. Along the way, you must lock in
short-term wins as evidence the change initiative is moving in the
right direction. Being able to measure progress provides you with an
objective way of assessing the initiative’s speed and how you fare
against the planned milestone (1).


Describe a situation where short-terms wins were celebrated and the impact this had on the success of the larger project. The
first short-term win came while installing our first computer. This
enhanced the daily operation of production that benefited employees and
the organization with greater financial benefits. However, before we
reach our goal, we had to go through a learning process, after
completing that process the owners recognize the employees hard work and
induce bonuses and paid for the national exam at the celebration.


Describe a situation where mid-point victories were not adequately leveraged to support the larger project. At
mid-point, it became a matter of customer satisfaction and we had to
adjust to some of the customers’ resistance to change. The customers’
resistance was related to implementing diversity workforce that started
to slow down the impact of the use of technology. However, we continue
to add new potential clients that made a big difference in the number of
prescriptions, this allowed us to expand our services and help serve
the community. (As Jack stated get of the resistance).


JWI555 Week Seven Learning Material


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