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KCCG Pediatric Model of Reflection Journal Case Study

Use one of the following models to frame your reflection. APA 7th edition is required for all writing assignments.

Carper’s Ways of Knowing

Sister Roach’s Six C’s of Caring

Johns’ Model of Reflection

Boud’s Model of Reflection

Journal prompt:

Answer BOTH questions: Based on your experiences with the clients in the virtual simulations, how did you come to know the other? How did you come to know yourself?

The Vsims assignments are OBGYN and Pediatric Virtual assignments for Nursing Lab.

Here are some examples: Jackson Weber is a 5-year-old Caucasian male. He was diagnosed with generalized tonic-clonic seizures 2 years ago. Upon diagnosis, Jackson’s neurologist started him on oral phenobarbital. Jackson has been seizure-free until last night, when his mother brought him to the emergency department following a 3-minute tonic-clonic seizure. She is a single mother and the sole source of financial support.

Another case example:

Carla Hernandez is a 32-year-old Hispanic female, G2P1 (L1), at 39 5/7 weeks of gestation. She was admitted to labor and delivery in active labor at 0600 hours today, accompanied by her husband Earl.

To progress the delivery, artificial rupture of membranes was performed by the provider a few minutes ago. The provider has just left the room to make rounds.

Suddenly, the fetal heart rate drops dramatically, and you discover that the umbilical cord is prolapsed. You are ready to handle this situation with another nurse who is also present in the room.

Another case: Sabina Vasquez is a 5-year-old Hispanic girl admitted today from the emergency room with a diagnosis of pneumonia. She has a history of asthma and has had several episodes requiring use of an albuterol inhaler at home.

Sabina has had an upper airway infection for the past few days. Earlier today she developed a fever of 39°C (102.2°F), so her mother brought her to the emergency room. She was placed on oxygen via nasal cannula at 2 L/min. She received a 380-mL bolus of normal saline and an albuterol nebulizer treatment at 5:00 PM. This improved her oxygen saturation to 94%. The chest x-ray revealed right lower lobe pneumonia with effusion. An intravenous infusion of D5 ½NS is infusing at 61 mL/hr. Sabina just got settled in bed, and her mother is at the bedside.


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