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KCIJ Writing Discussion

opic Questions

Please review the Announcements area and the Keiser Live chats for supplemental information on how to post properly to discussion assignments.

The Discussion Topic:

From your reading in the textbook, you can see there are numerous techniques in Word.  Select just one of them from THE LIST below, and explain why you consider it to be a valuable technique. It is assumed that students may not be familiar with Word, but from the textbook readings, SimNet, and research – you can contribute upbuilding, expressive postings we can all learn from.

You need to focus on just “one” single technique listed below so that there will be a depth of material that we can all learn from and allow others to post their thoughts on a technique they have selected.  NOT following these instructions will result in 0 points for your main posting and will not be re-graded.

More than 1 student may choose the same technique from the list – that is fine, no problem at all.

DO NOT review more than 1 Microsoft Word technique from the list.

DO NOT review Spell Check or any other technique not on the list, and do not request to review a technique, not on the list.

DO NOT describe Microsoft Word in general or possible uses for Microsoft Word.

DO NOT attach a document to replace your comments in the discussion window postings.

DO NOT use Wikipedia as a cited reference for any of your postings.

DO include the word count at the bottom of all your postings.

DO include at least 1 cited reference to support your main posting material (but do not use Wikipedia), which is to be located just above the word count. A cited reference is not required for postings to other students.

Word Count requirements:

Main posting:  at least 100 words, not including off-topic comments, salutations, or cited references (citations).

2nd and 3rd posting (responses to other students): each post should have at least 75 words, not including off-topic comments, commending comments (Nice job, etc. etc.), salutations, or cited references (not required for postings to other students).


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