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Kean University US History Reconstruction Era Through the 1970s Proposal

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Assignment Instructions

Your paper will ultimately be 5 pages long and have 3 to 5 sources cited in the bibliography. (One source must be a primary source from the historical era of your paper subject). That means 2 sources are too few and 6 are too many! Make sure to check the Library Resources link for info on Chicago-style papers. Also review the Sample Essay below and Chicago formatting worksheets in Course Documents for reminder of citation requirements.

(Your rough draft should be at least 3 pages and have only 1 source. This just helps you keep the momentum going).


What you’re writing about:

Anything you want that deals with U.S. History – Reconstruction era through the 1970s. If that’s too heavy a burden then start with what interests you during that time period.


Fully fill out and turn in proposal. This is like brainstorming on paper. If you do it half-heartedly, that’s how your paper will start out, too.

ROUGH DRAFT in steps

Step 1. Write down the questions or statements from your proposal and just start writing, without thinking or judging- or looking things up. You should have a page or two of exploratory writing afterwards; whether it “makes sense” or not does not matter! Then you can take what you wrote the most about and re-read it, asking what it is saying. What would someone who just read it think you were trying to say?

Step 2. Completing the sentence, “What I want to say is…” write more specifically about that particular topic. Use the reading assignments as sources if you would like, or review the bibliography of the textbook or additional sources in Course Documents. But don’t stress about “completing” a paper. Rough drafts are supposed to be ROUGH! They are explorations.

Now go through your piece at least one more time, seeing if you can get even more of a focus upon your thesis – what it is you want to say. Get it up to 3 pages and use one 1 source. Polish it so it’s pretty error-free for easy reading by others. But remember it’s a Rough Draft still. It might not even have a clear thesis statement yet.

Bring it to class on workshop day, along with the Peer Review Sheet. It should be formatted as an essay with footnotes and a Bibliography.

Your final draft will come from feedback from me on your rough draft, through one on one meetings with me if you so choose, and your peer review workshop. Think about strengthening theses, including details and concrete words, and organization. The final draft will also be expanded by subsequent readings and thoughts on those readings (and viewings)

This writing assignment is created to allow you to use your knowledge and experience to inform your piece. In other words I want you to write about what you want to write about. To that end, the process must be more open-ended than a typical “essay question.”

See the rubric attached to understand the grading criteria for the final paper. This can be useful in the revision process as well, as a self-check list for your draft.


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