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Keiser University Application of the Kristen Swanson Nursing Theory Essay

Assignment Guidelines:

1.Select a clinical nursing practice situation where you provided nursing care which is applicable to one of the middle range nursing theories studied in this course.Write a summary of nursing situation. Observe strict anonymity and confidentiality; use fictitious names for patient, facility, and any other identifiable details. You may write this section in first person. 

2.Select a related middle range nursing theory from course readings that relates the nursing practice situation described.Explain its principles and concepts in detail.

3.Describe in detail why this middle range nursing theory is applicable to the nursing situation.

4.Explain how this middle range nursing theory can be applied to other nursing practice situations (refer to #7).

5.Describe how this middle range nursing theory may be applied to nursing research (refer to #7).

6.Include a minimum of 3 sources including textbook. Use a minimum of two peer reviewed journal articles that shows the implementation of this middle range nursing theory and how the middle range nursing theory guided research and/or practice.

7.Adhere to strict APA format for paper format, headings, citations, and references. Write your manuscript with a formal tone in third person, except for the nursing situation. Include a clear introduction, conclusion, and headings (above bolded terms suggest heading sections), a minimum of four to eight pages, not including title and the reference page.

The nursing situation can be the elderly couple, one is hospitalize and the other one depend on each other for the daily routine, this couple were liviing in the same aprtment complex that I live, One afternnon after finishing my shift, I saw the old lady waiting the bus, was raining and getting dark, So I stop and ask her if she was waiting for a family member, she reply for the bus, she had her old umbrella that was not covering much, so I gave her a ride, she show me her little book with her address and was the same as mine, just few apartments away from mine, took her almost every day to the hospital and back home once visiting hours and my shift ended, he was discharge home, but I still visit them, help then with groceries, and drop her utility bills to the nearest mail box, became my friends and they regularly call me for a cup of cofffee and a piece of apple pie, they have family out of state and they dont visit often, i share my cat with them and they are happy to take care of him .(happen to me this year ) 


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