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Keiser University Methods of Conflict Resolution in Workplace Questions

Part 1

Discussion Question:

What is organizational conflict?

Why does is occur?

What are some methods of conflict resolution?

Give an example of a workplace conflict and describe what can be done to resolve it.

Part 2

“Customer Service at Nordstrom” 

Read the Case Study entitled, “Customer Service at Nordstrom” on pages 508-509. Then, answer the questions at the end of the case.

RESPOND TO Lizette Roman

Hello everyone,

I cannot believe we are in week 4 already this class felt like it just flew by. Organizational conflict is a disagreement between two or more people. Why does it occur? This occurs because we as humans think differently, we have our own opinions so if someone says something that someone does not agree with out loud someone else will react on it by saying something. What are some methods of conflict resolution? Some methods could be talking to the person who started it all and try to figure out what the problem is, if that does not work you can go to your boss and talk to them and tell them what is going on. If is something that is with the boss tell your boss how you are feeling and what you do not like. An example of a workplace conflict I actually can relate to it. At my job right now, I have a coworker who she yelled at me one time and I did not like it, nor did I appreciate it and I went to my boss told her what happen my boss told me to let it go maybe she was having a bad day. I let it ago a few days later the same lady yelled at me again. I went to my boss and told her something needed to be done because I do not appreciate being yelled at and there is no reason for her to yell at me. I told my boss if she did not do anything about it, I was going to go to HR about it. I feel like I am being picked on due to the fact I am the only one that the lady yells at. I told my boss that if she cannot help me to move me to do something different because I feel uncomfortable working with her. The way to fix it instead of yelling at her back which is what I really wanted to do I went to my boss and told my boss how I left. My boss told me that she would speak to HR about it and see how we cannot resolve the issue. Right now I am still waiting for an answer.

RESPOND TO Bryan Norton

Organizational conflict can be described as a state of disagreement or misunderstanding which results from perceived or actual dissatisfaction, different culture, beliefs and values. Organizational conflict results from dissent of needs, resources, distorted relationships, conflict of interest, misplaced beliefs and customs within the organization.

There are several methods that can be used in resolving conflicts.

Negotiations – it is the process through which the parties involved in the conflict communicate between themselves to arrive to a solution.

Mediation – this involves the use of a third party who promote the reconciliation of the conflicting parties.

Arbitration – it is an out of court conflict resolution method which involves submitting the conflict to an impartial party.

An example of workplace conflict is supervisor subordinate conflict when the subordinate fail to meet the expected results. This conflict can be resolved through negotiation where the supervisor discuss with the subordinate the reason for poor performance and help the subordinate on how to improve on the results. 


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