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Keiser University Tampa Week 1 Internal Alignment Discussion

Can you please write a response to this classmate since you already have the book info for reference. Thank you

What are some of the factors that are most important in determining internal alignment?

According to our textbook, Compensation, some of the most important factors when determining internal alignment are external and organizational factors (Gerhart & Newman, 2020, p. 80). External factors, for example, include things such as the market and government regulation while organizational factors may include the organization’s policies and cost.

How is internal alignment related to fairness and how does it impact turnover?

Employees need to feel their wages are fair otherwise they may seek work elsewhere, which in turn, may lower the employee’s morale, leading to high turnover rates. Management also needs to feel their salaries are worth the extra responsibility to entice them to continue climbing their corporate structure. If an employee feels that they can work somewhere else doing the same amount of work yet receive higher pay or better benefits, they’re more likely to do so.

Give an example from personal experience, research or observation of a company with effective strategic internal alignment. How can this information help you as a leader?

From my own experience, I enjoyed the Navy’s internal alignment when I first enlisted. For promotion, sailors received annual evaluations in which their work was recognized and ranked among their peers and an exam (based on their field) was administered twice a year. A sailor’s evaluations, awards, and seniority were converted into points that would be included in their exam scores. This allowed people to promote who were experts in their field while also recognizing effort and seniority. Sailors also could be meritoriously advanced by the commanding officer if they performed well enough to merit such an advancement. However, some sailors felt that favoritism played a part in the evaluation process, creating an obvious flaw. As a leader, I would always take note of my best performers and made it clear to my higher-ups who I knew I could trust to get the job done. I also learned the importance of documentation (both positive and negative) to show that nobody was favored when I provided my inputs regarding those I oversaw.


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