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Keiser University Tampa Week 2 Law Hospitals Liability Scenarios Analysis

Week 2 Law Talk Topic:

This week we will be discussing the liability that hospitals face. You should read Chapter 10 before proceeding with this assignment. Each post will require to assume a different role. Be sure to read the scenarios carefully and follow the instructions for each particular post.

Scenario for Post 1

You are a hospital administrator who grants privileges to several local doctors. Your liability insurance carrier wants to know what steps you are taking to ensure the competence of those doctors. Provide a list to the insurance company that outlines what you look for in your doctors. Your goal is to be as complete as possible. Why? If you’re not, the insurance company will deny the policy, and leave your hospital open to liability. No pressure, but your job is on the line if the company denies the policy.

Scenario for Post 2

Now you represent the insurance company. Read through the posts that your fellow students submitted as their first post. Find a post that interests you, then respond to it. Remember, you are now representing the insurance company. Your goal is to question the hospital’s ability to find competent doctors. Are they covering their bases? Should the hospital be considering other factors when granting privileges to doctors? If this hospital does grant privileges to incompetent doctors, your job is on the line. Why? Because you provided the hospital with a policy, and it will have to pay on a malpractice suit if one of their doctors is negligent. So be thorough!

Scenario for Post 3

Read through the posts submitted by your fellow students. Come to your own conclusion about insurance carriers. In your opinion, are insurance companies unfair to hospitals? Are they in it solely for financial gain? What about the hospitals, are they being competent and thorough? Provide as much information as you can regarding your opinion on hospital liability for incompetent doctors and the insurance industry. For this post, cite to a fellow student’s post as support for your position.


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