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Kennesaw State University Recent Events on Cybersecurity Report

The cybersecurity field is changing all the time and new threats emerge every day. Thus, it is important for future professionals to stay current and up to date with the latest trends. For this assignment, you will have to write three evaluations of cybersecurity event articles that have been published since January 1, 2020. Each of the three should be reasonably substantial articles, at least several paragraphs. Each evaluation should be at least 500 words. Each needs to include additional research and a critical evaluation of the article. Your three articles should come from three different sources as well as three different topics. Higher grades will be given to students who select different types of topics that show they have developed an understanding of the breadth of the security field. Your report should not be restating the content of the articles but rather analyzing it and demonstrating your own opinion. When due, submit a single PDF file to D2L.  

  • Some suggested sources include ArsTechnica, ThreatPost, DarkReading, Krebs on Security, Schneider on Security, BleepingComputer, CSO, SC Magazine, Wall Street Journal, Forbes, Wired, ZDNet, Information Week, Network World, Search Security, etc. 
  • You may also find linked articles from aggregators like Google News, the cybersecurity subreddit, or LinkedIn groups. 
  • Quality blogs are acceptable sources: List of top 50 InfoSec blogs (2019).
  • Professional podcasts such as Darknet Diaries, Security Now, SANS, etc. are also acceptable.    


Write a critical analysis of three recent cybersecurity events.

Prepare a Word document file that includes:

  • Your name
  • “Recent Events Report”
  • The date and time that you completed the assignment
  • A critical analysis of three recent (after Jan 1, 2020) cybersecurity events of your choice. The analysis must include a brief description of the event, an analysis of how it fits with the course, and what are some lessons learned. Each event analysis should be at least 500 words. Do not summarize the events but rather analyze them using the knowledge you gained in the course. Higher grades would be given to students who also integrate additional readings (scholarly or news articles) from materials outside of the course content.


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