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Kentucky State University The Kroger Company and Marketing Strategy Discussion

For our capstone project, students will be assigned to groups of 2 to complete a comprehensive 10-20 page marketing strategy utilizing concepts discussed throughout the course. In this project, we will find, diagnose and turnaround a company that has been undervalued. We will work together in identifying a target company in the first few weeks of the semester.

These projects should be typed in double-spaced 12-point font with 1-inch margins. Additionally, groups will prepare a PowerPoint presentation summarizing the key points of their plan.

Students should be prepared to present their projects during the final week of the course. Please note that this project will last the duration of the quarter, and students who are considering transferring out of the course should make their group aware immediately in order to avoid complications later in the quarter. The marketing strategy is composed of a Title Page, Table of Contents, and 10 sections detailed below. Each section should start on a new page.

1.Title Page: Includes the title and the submission date. Please do not include your name.

2.Table of Contents: page with major section names and their associated page numbers.

3.Executive Summary: 350 to 500-word summary of the highlights of the entire plan. Tip: It is easiest to write this last.

4.Marketing Plan Objective: 100 to 250-word description that details the business goals and marketing objectives.

5.Situation Analysis: 1000 to 2000-word summary of the key market and environmental factors.

6. Market Review: at least 500 words including a focused marketing review of demographic characteristics of market, psychographic characteristics, behaviors of target market and best strategies.

7. Competitive Review: at least 500 words including a focused marketing review of competitor’s strengths, weakness and organization’s competitive advantage.

8.Financial Analysis: Starting capital, budget / cashflow, break-even analysis,projected income & profit, overall financial implications.

9.Challenges / Contingency Plan

10.Recommended Strategy: at least 300 words about your recommended marketing campaign including marketing and media strategy.


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