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Knowledge and Experience in My Career as A Social Worker Essay

Self-Reflective Assignment

As you near the end of your BSSW education this assignment is a closing reflection of where you see yourself headed and how you have changed since entering this program. Answer the following questions in essay form.

  • What has been your greatest success since entering the BSSW program?
  • What has been your greatest struggle since entering the BSSW program?
  • What are your professional goals for yourself once you graduate?
  • Where do you see yourself in five years?
  • If you could change one thing about your social work education what would it be?


Notes (answers to the essay, just need to elaborate and organize everything together) – Currently am a senior as a BSSW (Bachelor of Science in Social Work) student. Am in need of help writing an easy essay (because no time, I have other papers and this one is quite fast and easy). My greatest success would be attaining all the knowledge that would benefit me within my career path and as a future social worker. I’m now part of an honor society because of it which will allow me to accomplish distinctive achievements within social work. Also networking with my colleagues who I’ve grown closer to and work together to enhance our experience mutually and with the professors. All courses have allowed me to gain insight on the principles of what being a social worker is, had been, and should be alongside with the code of ethics to promote the well-being of all parties. The greatest struggle has been the stress, burnout, and because of covid-19, classes were to be online, rather than an in-person experience/class where I definitely missed out on the interpersonal, intimate experience.

My professional goals are to be an aspiring Licensed Clinical Social worker (LCSW), therefore I am pursuing my masters and later on taking the state examination for my licensure to become an LMSW. I plan to be working in a clinical setting promoting the well-being of my clients. I want to be trauma-informed, and take as many trainings and certifications to enhance my experience as a clinical social worker.

In five years I see myself as a professional working in the field within a clinical setting as an LCSW. I see myself as happier, successful, competent, and using all the knowledge and experience to facilitate my responsibilities as I give back to my community. Apart from that, I will also continue to do macro social work as an advocate on the side.

If I could change one thing, it would be establishing a balance and equal education on micro and macro social work to help future social work students identify the route they would like to go on. As I learned within the class, usually social work students tend to favor and have more access to clinical education because of the lack of focus on macro social work, therefore an equal take of both fields would help emphasize the importance of both areas within social work. Also, there should be an established support system within the program that will support students with stress and burnout as well as ethical standards and principals within the field placements since there have been many occasions where several incidents have been reported or mentioned once a student is placed at an internship (exploitation, disrespect, feeling uncomfortable, not as professional policies and procedures).

** Easy vocabulary, please do inform yourself of micro and macro social work as well as the code of ethics to allow easier understanding and elaboration + clarification within the essay, no plagiarism, no need for citations/references, written in first-person only** 1-2 pages, 1 1/2 is ideal.


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