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KSU Marketing of Apple Company Technological Organization Project

The executive summary is a synopsis of the overall marketing plan. It should provide an overview of the entire plan including goals/objectives, strategy elements, implementation issues, and expected outcomes. The executive summary should be the last part of the marketing plan that you write. 

2. Situation Analysis 

A. The Internal Environment: 

? Review of marketing goals and objectives 

? Review of current marketing strategy and performance 

? Review of current and anticipated organizational resources 

B. The Customer Environment 

? Who are the firm’s current and potential customers? 

? What do customers do with the firm’s products? 

? Where do customers purchase the firm’s products? 

? When do customers purchase the firm’s products? 

? Why (and how) do customers select the firm’s products? 

? Why do potential customers not purchase the firm’s products? 

C. The External Environment 

? Competition 

? Economic Growth and Stability 

? Political Trends 

? Legal and Regulatory Issues 

? Technological Advancements 

? Sociocultural Trends 

3. SWOT Analysis: 

A. Strengths 

B. Weaknesses 

C. Opportunities 

D. Threats 

E. The SWOT Matrix 

4. Marketing Strategy 

A. Primary Target Market: 

  Identifying characteristics (demographics, geography, values, psychographics) 

  Basic needs, wants, preferences, or requirements 

  Buying habits and preferences 

  Consumption/disposition characteristics 

B. Product Strategy 

  Brand name, packaging, and logo design 

  Major features and benefits 

  Differentiation/positioning strategy 

  Supplemental products (including customer service strategy) 

  Connection to value (core, supplemental, experiential/symbolic attributes) 

C. Pricing Strategy 

  Overall pricing strategy and pricing objectives 

  Price comparison to competition 

  Connection to differentiation/positioning strategy 

  Connection to value (monetary costs) 

  Profit margin and breakeven 

  Specific pricing tactics (discounts, incentives, financing, etc.) 

D. Distribution/Supply Chain Strategy 

  Overall supply chain strategy (including distribution intensity) 

  Channels and intermediaries to be used 

  Connection to differentiation/positioning strategy 

  Connection to value (nonmonetary costs) 

  Strategies to ensure channel support (slotting fees, guarantees, etc.) 

  Tactics designed to increase time, place, and possession utility 

E. Integrated Marketing Communication (Promotion) Strategy 

  Overall IMC strategy, IMC objectives, and budget 

  Consumer promotion elements 

   Advertising strategy 

   Public relations/publicity strategy 

   Personal selling strategy 

   Consumer sales promotion (pull) strategy 

  Trade (channel) promotion elements 

   Advertising strategy 

   Public relations/publicity strategy 

   Personal selling strategy 

  Trade sales promotion (push) strategystrategy …… 

(((After finishing these guidelines points please make a ppt *power point* file also to present it to present it to doctors and students))) 


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