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Kuwait Technical College Impact of Cars on Sustainable Development Project

A Theory of Economic Institutions and issues of sustainable development with country case studies and empirical evidence.Two short papers (seven to ten pages) are required: The due dates are given below in Course Schedule (Paper 1 will be due by the end of WK3 and the second paper will be due by the end of the WK5). Academic writing style is required for both papers; be sure to use in-text citation and bibliography (please see one of the following style guides: Chicago, MLA, APA, etc.). Also, papers are expected to be proof-read and free of typos and poor grammar. No late assignments will be accepted without a preapproved valid reason. All papers need to be submitted on the due date via Turnitin on Blackboard.
For some hints on selecting the research paper topic for Paper 1, it is highly recommended to select an article(s) from Pezzey and Toman’s bibliography (for example, Arrow et al. 1995 or Solow 1993). That selection for reading would help identify and explain the central economic principles and theories as background reading for selection of relevant topics.. In addition, also review some articles related to the policy and strategic implications for sustainable economic development. The course instructor will also post some relevant and potential topics in the BB under WK3 folder and will give detail in the first week of the session.
In the second paper (as optional, will count for the best score of the two papers), select a policy or program designed to realize the goals of sustainable economic development. For example, the focus can be local (for example, California’s financing of specific projects) or global (for example, a Climate
change agreement). The goal(s) of the program should be articulated and economics explained. In addition to defining the unit of analysis (for example, jobs created in CA or tons of carbon reduced),present possible methods that can be used to evaluate the policy or program (for example, costeffectiveness
For both papers, one should demonstrate command of material found in an graduate level economics textbook. For the seven to ten-page paper, a minimum of eight to ten sources from leading economics journals (peer reviewed) or academic book publishers should be included.


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