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LACC Educational Lesson Plan for children between the age of 3 to 5 Discussion

In the Week of the Young Child group project, you’ve practiced creating a thematic activity. In this Lesson Plan assignment, you will combine all the information you’ve read in the class especially on Chapters 11 and 14. Use the following guidelines and information in creating your lesson plan and activity:

Chapter 11 covers how to create a developmentally appropriate lesson plan that also involved an integrated curriculum.

Chapter 14 talks about the Four Characteristics of Children by Chaille and Britain, the strategies for creating a constructivist early childhood setting by DeVries and Zan (page 384), Constructivist Approach, critical thinking (page 381), and applying them on various subjects.

Your goal in this activity is to create a developmentally appropriate lesson plan that is child-centered by following the steps described in Chapter 11 (pp. 294-310).

Include the following information in your submission:

  1. Imagine you have a classroom of children. (Choose and state the age for the children in your class between 2 – 5 years old.)
  2. You notice they show a particular interest in something. (Choose a theme or topic.)
    For example: My son showed an interest in a vending machine, or your students’ interest in dinosaurs, trains, etc.
  3. Consider the appropriate developmental level for the student age group and which integrated curriculum should be incorporated in the lesson. Keep in mind the information in Chapter 4 (pp. 101-114) and in Chapters 11 and 14. Choose one from the following subjects as your focus:
    A. Mathematics (pages 386-392)
    B. Science (pages 392-397)
    C. Social Studies (pages 398-401)
  4. List and describe your objectives for the lesson plan.
    Objectives are your desired result(s) from the lesson plan. Apply Bloom Taxonomy in creating your objectives. For example: If I’m using Bloom’s Taxonomy verbs for “Remembering” in creating objectives for the lesson plan, these will be my lesson objectives:
    -Children will memorize numbers 1 to 5, colors, and shapes.
    -Children will be able to identify numbers 1 to 5, colors, and shapes.

    Learn more about Bloom’s Taxonomy in this short video:

    Link to Bloom’s Taxonomy descriptive verbs.

  5. List and describe your lesson plan. Include the following items:
    – Brief one-paragraph introduction about your lesson plan.
    – List materials/supplies/equipment needed for the activity(ies).
    – Describe the preparations needed.
    – List the procedures/steps for the activity.
  6. Include images or links to resources you use in your lesson plan.
  7. For the plan use FAMILY FRIDAY


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