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LACC Working Memory Discussion

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Short term memory, interchangeably used with the term “working memory,” refers to our ability to remember and process a small amount of information at the same time. In the memory assessment , I was able to remember 8 out of the 12 words that were given. The results showed that if you are able to recall 5-9 of the given words, then your memory is working at an average capacity. While I was watching the youtube video, i was comparing the two tests because i realized that these words were associated with each other and the other ones were random. At the end of the associated words memory test, I was surprised at myself that I had not written down the word sleep but I remember that the man had specifically said the word “slumber”. Our short term memory is temporarily stored in our prefrontal cortex while at the same time acting as our reasoning process. In general, the reason why we are unable to remember the things that happen to us in the short run is because we are more set on understanding it rather than remembering it. The example of walking into our room and forgetting to do what we needed to do is a good one because it is true that we focus in that moment that when we walk into the room we think about carrying out that certain action, but we are not likely to remember it this way in general when it comes to other things. It is actually very useful that we do not remember everything, because one could only imagine the overwhelming amount of information that would be stored in our memory if this were to happen. Our brain does the work for us and gets rid of outdated information, and things that we won’t find necessary to remember later on.


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