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Lack of a Team Mentality on Whitney Part Case Study

You are a consultant going into a company and finding out information in order provide an effective solution. All the information in the case is not important to the underlying issues, so as you read through the case you need to sort through the information to determine what information is actually relevant to the root problems/issues. You first need to find the major, underlying problems/issues (needs to be the underlying root issues), and then identify the minor problems/issues. After you determine the major/minor issues, you’ll need to propose your main strategy to address the major issues. In addition, you’ll need to propose minor strategies to address other issues brought forth in the case. Make sure that the major/minor strategies you suggest address the root problems/issues that you have identified.

All case analysis assignments for this course are individual assignments and must be typed. To provide a sufficient explanation, it should be single-spaced and between two-thirds of a page up to a maximum of 1½ pages in length. Your case analysis should show a thorough understanding of the case and its issues. The case analysis must use bullet points – I do not want wordy paragraphs. This is how the case analysis needs to be laid out:

  • Your name, case #
  • Major, underlying problems/issues – identify each and then explain why each of them are the major issues (maximum of 3) – worth 25 points
  • Minor problems/issues (maximum of 5) – worth 25 points
  • Most important strategy (maximum of 1) – describe strategy and then explain why you think this is the most important strategy and describe how it will address the major issues (do not say “hire a consultant” as your strategy – you are the consultant providing a recommendation) – worth 20 points
  • Other, minor strategies that address the issues (maximum of 5) – worth 30 points

All the text under each of these headings should use bullet points. Be specific to keep the context in mind as you describe your solution (some recommendations are not feasible in certain environments – your proposed solutions need to fit within the organizational context as described in the case).


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