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Lake Sumter State College Personal Nursing Philosophy Paper

Write a nursing philosophy paper that clearly reflects your personal philosophy of nursing. The paper should include the identification and examination of your own definition of nursing’s meta-paradigms: nursing, person, health, and environment (See examples in the RN to BSN Handbook and in Hood, pp.70-71). Identify and discuss one other concept that you believe should be a part of nursing’s meta-paradigm (e.g. social justice, caring, technology, complexity, spirituality, culture, interdisciplinary practice, sustainability of resources, efficiency, safety… you may use another concept, if it better complements your philosophical perspective) . Discuss how your definition of the meta-paradigm concepts influence how you understand and accomplish your work as a nurse. Integrate a minimum of three examples from your work into your paper that capture the essence of your philosophy.

Parts of this paper can be written in the ‘first person’ since it is your personal philosophy of nursing. However, when you are defining and discussing the meta-paradigms, avoid using the first person. (See the Philosophy of Nursing in the RN to BSN Handbook for an example of how to write these sections in a more academic tone or third-person.)

Use a minimum of one support citation from the readings and two support citations from the current (within the last five years), peer-reviewed NURSING literature. Your Nursing Philosophy content pages are a minimum of two pages and a maximum of four pages (excluding title and reference pages), so the entire paper may be four-six pages, double-spaced, and in seventh edition APA format (Student Template). Please review the grading rubric for specifics about the criteria and point values for this paper.

As you prepare to write your philosophy of nursing, reflect on the following:

Hood, p. 70, Table 3.3;

What is important in your practice of nursing? What are your values, beliefs and assumptions about nursing as science and art?

This paper should go beyond the usual global view of nursing. It should reflect your experience in practice and your particular area of practice. Hospice Nurses: What is your philosophy regarding the care of people at the end of life?


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