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Lamar University Acceleration in Mobile Computing Essay

We learn from our readings that the use of mobile devices in our society today has indeed become ubiquitous.  In addition, CTIA asserted that over 326 million mobile devices were in use within The United States as of December 2012 – an estimated growth of more than 100 percent penetration rate with users carrying more than one device with notable continues growth.  From this research, it’s evident that mobile computing has vastly accelerated in popularity over the last decade due to several factors noted by the authors in our chapter reading. In consideration with this revelation, identify and name these factors, and provide a brief discussion about them.


Everyone has to adopt mobile technologies in daily activities. In one way all the people are connected to mobile devices. In one or another way each person is using mobile devices to accomplish various life tasks or any work. Updating technology has created a path to lead mankind to work completely on mobile devices. There is no chance of getting decreased in terms of using mobile devices (Mao, Chen, Nixon, Krieger & Chen, 2017). Instead, there will be a huge growth in using many other mobile technologies and devices in the future. All the people are adopted mobile devices as working with mobile devices became so easy and flexible in every situation.

organizations use intelligent devices to manage, monitor, and provide assistance to their clients and employees in various online, offline, or telecommunication environments. It is also associated with electronic commerce, as users can pay for goods and services using their mobile devices and transfer funds at local or online retail stores. Mobile computing allows anyone to create and share mobile applications on any device easily. Mobile computing requires organizations to provide continuous connectivity to every member and provide connectivity with all


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