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Lamar University Cyber Threat Intelligence Challenges Discussion

According to your readings, cloud computing represents one of the most significant paradigms shifts in information technology (IT) history, due to an extension of sharing an application-hosting provider that has been around for many years, and was common in highly regulated vertical industries like banks and health care institutions.  The author’s knowledge from their research continue to assert that, the impetus behind cloud computing lies on the idea that it provides economies of scale by spreading costs across many client organizations and pooling computing resources while matching client computing needs to consumption in a flexible, real-time version. 

Identify the issues and risks that pose concern to organizations storing data in the cloud –  briefly support your discussion.

Please help me with 2 replays supporting them atleast 150 words

The resources comprise applications and tools such as software, data storage, databases, networking, and servers. Unlike the old storage method where files could be kept on local storage devices and hard drives, cloud-based computing saves the data online and allows easy accessibility from any location. Cloud computing technology has grown in usage and application across different organizations; it has enhanced the security of the client’s data, improved operations speed, and improved the overall performance of the businesses


Data stored in the cloud should be yours and yours only. Nobody else should access that data unless authorized to. Such is helpful when data is stored on-site. However, it becomes impossible to know how safe the data is from being accessed by a third party (Han et al., 2019). Hence, transferring data into the cloud could risk losing the critical privacy controls to that data.Data leakage is another issue associated with cloud storage systems. Organizations are usually worried if their data leaks outside the organization. Such can cause serious problems that may damage the organization’s reputation and risks the organization from facing legal actions. Despite the security measures, the cloud service provider may expose the data to the wrong person.(AV) 


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