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LAVC Disability Affect an Individual Directly or Indirectly Essay

The purpose of this assignment, completed weekly, is to allow you to examine, analyze and share your perceptions of the experiences of people with disabilities, their portrayal in the public media, and some of the services provided to them.  Each week’s fieldwork relates to the current or a recent topic discussed in class.  

This week:  You will select one country of interest to you, and research the legal and social standing of people with disabilities.  


The purpose of this assignment is to help you practice the following skills that are essential to your success in this course / in school / in this field / in professional life beyond school: 

  • MLO #2.2:  Discuss the key elements of critical American disability rights legislation (P.L. 93-112, P.L. 103-336, etc.) and global disability rights initiatives (Convention on the Rights of Persons with Disabilities and comparable legislation)
  • MLO #2.5: Identify and describe the origins of major American disability rights organizations (i.e., the ARC, DAV, etc.) and the global disability rights movement.


This assignment will also help you to become familiar with the following important content knowledge in this discipline: 

Course Objective 2: Analyze issues of social justice relating to disability and the global growth of legal and civil rights of individuals with disabilities domestically and internationally.


Stella Young is Australian and reflects a perspective on disability that may differ from America’s.  

  1. Select one country of interest to you, and research the legal and social standing of people with disabilities.  
  2. In your fieldwork, compare and contrast the county of your choice and the U.S.
  3. As you write, consider not only what the country you chose could do to improve the lives of people with disabilities, but how we as Americans could learn from them.
  4. As you write, make sure you cite your sources and include references to course materials.


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