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LAVC Maintaining Accessible Features in Retail Establishments Analysis


The purpose of this assignment, completed weekly, is to allow you to examine, analyze and share your perceptions of the experiences of people with disabilities, their portrayal in the public media, and some of the services provided to them.  Each week’s fieldwork relates to the current or a recent topic discussed in class.  

This week: You will explore a  large public space and evaluate how well it accommodates individuals with disabilities.


The purpose of this assignment is to help you practice the following skills that are essential to your success in this course / in school / in this field / in professional life beyond school: 

  • MLO #5.4  Describe universal design and its impact on the access to public accommodations, including theaters, amusement parks, public buildings, hotels, restaurants and other facilities accessible by people with disabilities.


This assignment will also help you to become familiar with the following important content knowledge in this discipline: 

  • Course Objective 5: Examine the global origins and evolution of the social, governmental, media and familial factors shaping stigma, discrimination and prejudice against people with disabilities and their impact on the individual and the community of people with disabilities.  


  1. Select a large public space such as a park, library, shopping mall or school campus in which to observe for at least one hour.  Longer observations may be necessary to gather enough information to respond to the prompt questions in task #2. 
  2. Watch for people with disabilities moving around the area. Your paper should address these questions:     How easily do people with disabilities move from place-to-place as compared to people without disabilities?     What particular challenges do they face?     What special accommodations does the facility provide  for people with disabilities?  Does the space reflect aspects of universal design ? How do people without disabilities behave in their presence?   How helpful/hindering are they? 
  3. Write a summary of your impressions.  Your summary must include the full name of the mall.


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