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LBCC History Discussion

  1. You likely pay about 6% of your paycheck (12% if you are self-employed. Employers match the 6% tax you pay if you are employed, but self-employed people pay the full amount) into Social Security. You may see this as FICA on your paycheck stub. The government taxes your income and uses the money they taxed to maintain a pension fund upon which you may draw in case of long term disability or retirement (between 62 and 67 depending upon when you were born). Should the U.S. government tax people and maintain a pension fund for citizens in the form of Social Security, essentially forcing them to save for retirement, or should the government let people make their own decisions with their money?
  2. Look at the text of the U.S. Constitution found in the appendix of your book, and find and read the first 10 amendments (also known as the Bill of Rights) as well as the 14th amendment. Relate a personal experience under which you exercised a Constitutional right guaranteed by the Bill of Rights. Explain with a minimum of an 8-10 sentence paragraph.
  3. The Hitler-led genocidal acts of the Holocaust were egregious and infamous, but similar acts occurred both in the late 19th/early 20th century (Belgian Congo, Armenia, Namibia, and India) and in the post-war world (Cambodia, Rwanda, Yugoslavia, China, and Russia). During the war, the Japanese committed similar atrocities in China, most notably in Nanking. The people committing the acts of genocide did not think they were committing inhumane or evil acts, rather, they believed they were acting for the good of their country or cause. Does the history of genocide described in this chapter teach us that it is important for the international community to intervene militarily when genocidal acts are committed?
  4. Respond to a minimum of two other students with a 3-5 sentence paragraph.


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