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LBS 3468 FIU Online Mediation Process Online Opening Statement Discussion

Discussion Overview: Building on the Agreement to Mediate you wrote for your online clients, you will now create own personalized Online Opening Statement. Keep in mind that an opening statement is not a random collection of words. There are Key Components of the Opening Statements that must be included (revisit your textbook p.96 -104). Plus, you must consider the online environment: What will you include to tell the parties. For example, Figure 6.1 Sample Opening Statement , p.97 was written for an in-person mediation session and states: “ If you need a break ,let me know. Bathrooms are just across the hall”. An online mediator would say: “ If you need a break ,let me know. We will pause the video call and resume after everyone is back on camera”.

Another consideration, What “ground rules” will you include for your online mediation?For example, all parties must be visible and on camera during the mediation session or audio must be turned off, unless you are speaking, etc. Think about other “ ground rules” to include in your opening statement to ensure a seamless online mediation. Think about grounds rules concerning confidentiality and caucusing, etc in an online environment.

Discussion Instructions: The attached document contains several paragraphs for an Opening Statement .

  1. Select the paragraphs you need to create your own mediator online opening statement for your next online mediation session. You can edit the phrases, recreating your own personal opening statement. Your opening statement must be be one-page long and titled: “ My Online Opening Statement”. Remember, your opening statement must include all the key components of an opening statement.
  2. Write a brief justification about the things you chose to include in your online opening statement. Add this justification at the bottom of your opening statement in about 1-2 paragraphs.
  3. Reply to at least one students’ post by Tuesday. The goal is to review and constructively critique another student’s Opening Statement.

Resources to create online opening statement:

Using E-Mediation and Online Mediation Techniques for Conflict Resolution.

Preparing For Success At Virtual (Online) Mediation: Read the FAQs to gain an understanding of what virtual mediation is like- according to Lawler at Lawler ADR Services (LADR)

Mediation Agreement and Online Mediation Guidelines by (LADR) Collaborative Resource Guide


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