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LDR 4302 Columbia Southern University Principles of Communication Project

For the first part, you will write a summary of the five communication principles covered in this unit and then offer analysis of the application of communication skills in real-world examples. Address the following in a written paper:

  • Begin with a brief introduction that defines communication and explains its importance in effective leadership.
  • Summarize each of the five communication principles discussed in this unit.
  • For each principle, include an example (professional or personal) where you have effectively (or ineffectively) employed that principle.
  • Analyze which of the three major communication skills were used in your example. Was your application of the skill effective? Why, or why not?

Your summary, example, and skills analysis for each principle should be between 200–225 words for a combined written total of 1,000–1,100 words.

For the second part of this assignment, you will create a collage from pictures or drawings illustrating communication principles and skills.

  • The collage should characterize the five communication principles and the three major communication skills discussed in this unit (and shown interwoven in Figure 1.2 in section 1.4.5 of your eTextbook).
  • The images you choose or draw should represent the principles and skills by depicting examples of how they are applied (e.g. seating a work-group session in a circle (collaboration) promotes equality and encourages open dialogue (non-verbal message).
  • Include captions briefly describing the images or place all image descriptions on a separate page.
  • Be creative! This collage should not only meet the above requirements but should be a representation of your understanding of how the concepts are applied.

There are many free web resources you can use for your collage such as Canva, befunky, Ribbet or Shape Collage. You can also use free stand-alone applications such as Adobe Spark, photo apps found on most smartphones (or available in the app stores), or simply create your collage in Word or PowerPoint.


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