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Respond to the following in a minimum of 175 words:

1.Discuss what type of compensation and benefits an organization could offer to engage, attract, recruit, and retain a diverse and strong workforce. Examples: Pay for performance, incentive programs, medical, tuition reimbursement ,mentoring and coaching.retirement. How would this involve career development?

2.respond to the following classmates:

First, let me note that we have all made it to week 5. Also that I have enjoyed working with ya’ll and look forward to the many successes that this class will bring us all in our careers have had successful finished and soaked up all the new acquired knowledge that has filled our last five weeks!

Then, let me look at what compensation and benefits I look forward to pursuing in my future employment situation. My focus on benefits in prospective career opportunities would be a 401 k match contribution benefit. I look forward to saving for retirement, so finding this specific benefit in an organization will be quite “beneficial” to me.

I would love to work for an organization that offers tuition repayment, transportation compensation, dry cleaning or company attire compensation and fitness program as perks.

I currently lean toward corporate employment due to the items mentioned above benefits being available depending on the individual organization benefits.

3.2.respond to the following classmates:

The military offers new recruits a place to stay, a steady paycheck, free dental, free vision, and free medical services. Military personnel can be promoted to the next rank based on their performance. I took advantage of the compensation package and enlisted. I worked very hard to get promoted to the next rank when I was a junior enlisted. When I became an E-4 Specialist, I had to work extra hard to get promoted as an E-5 Sergeant. The military does offer great compensation packages that attract new recruits such as the Post 9/11 GI Bill, which pays for college of new recruits. The Post 9/11 GI Bill is what attracted me to join the Army as well as the total compensation package. I think that the military does need to work harder in taking care of its veterans once they leave the service. There is the Department of Veterans Affairs, which offers free medical, home loan assistance, disability compansation and pension for veterans who were injured during a war and also for soldiers who got injured in the line of duty. I got PTSD during a convoy, which is why I applied for my disability compensation. The military does offers a great compensation package, but the work is definitely not easy.