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Learning Partner Coaching Project Report

Project Description

The assignment is designed to provide an opportunity to experiences several high-impact leadership tools including multi-rater feedback, self-assessments, development planning, and coaching on a real-world, experiential activity designed to enhance your coaching and leadership expertise.   You will complete a personalized leadership plan, participated in a multi-rate feedback process, and conduct and receive coaching with your learning partners.

Learning Outcomes

The learning outcomes of the course embrace three levels of the leadership competencies required to create leadership capacity.  By the end of the course, you are expected to understand concepts of creating leadership capacity, be able to analyze leadership choices and actions when developing leadership capacity, and have the opportunity to implement these leadership concepts in your actions and projects.  Specifically, upon completion of the course, you should be able to:

  1. Develop your leadership through a competency-based learning plan.
  2. Strengthen your team by using development best practices to facilitate learning.
  3. Utilize high impact coaching tools in order to build trusting partnerships and ensure coaching conversations are productive.  
  4. Define an effective talent development process including the individual, team, and organizational levels.

Project Composition

Part A – Learning Project: This element of your report will summarize the actions you took on your learning project and the progress you made on achieving your development goal.  Please include the following:    

Your Development Goal: Please review your development goal.  Discuss any changes you made to your development, the outcomes you achieved and your learnings.

  • Learning Project Actions and Outcomes: Include both the research you conducted to gather the resources to inform your learning project as well as the specific actions you took to accomplish your development goal. 

Part B – Learning Partner Coaching: Coaching and feedback is a leadership metaskill.  Skilled coaching ensures that a person will learn and develop capabilities that will contribute to both individual and organizational success.  Ongoing feedback is essential to identify the progress you are making in your development.  In our class you had the opportunity to obtain coaching and feedback as you completed your learning project and to build your own skill as a coach by coaching your learning partner.  The coaching assignments will summarize your work and will include:

  • Coaching Assessment –Submit a summary of your specific coaching strengths and development opportunities. This summary will be based on your experiences during the coaching sessions, the feedback you received from both your coachee and observer, and your coaching self-assessments.     . 
  • Coaching Worksheets – Include a summary of the progress you made developing your coaching competencies during the three coaching sessions. You are not required to submit your coaching worksheets, but may include as an attachment.

Part C – Reflective Summary. The reflective summary is an opportunity to review what you have learned regarding the role of individuals, leaders and organizations in developing the organization’s current and future leaders.  Discuss how your leadership model has evolved as a result of your learnings.  You should clearly demonstrate a personal commitment to learn and change your ideas and behavior in light of experiences and feedback from others.  Integrate information from the course materials and readings, as well as your additional research into your reflection.    


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