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Lebanese University Leadership Characteristics Styles and Skills Assessment

Earlier in the course, you
were asked to informally evaluate your leadership skills and qualities
(see attached for the initial summary of self-assesment). In this Final
Project, you use formal assessment tools to identify your areas of
strength and areas in which you need further development.

In this Final Project, you use formal assessment tools
to identify your areas of strength and areas in which you need further
development. You may use the results of this self-assessment to develop a plan
to gain the skills and experiences that will help you move toward achieving
your short- and long-term professional goals and objectives.

Using the assessment tools provided in Introduction to Leadership: Concepts
and Practice (see attached)
, conduct a self-assessment
of your own leadership characteristics, style, and skills. Complete at least four assessment tools for this self-assessment. In
addition, select one tool to give to a colleague or supervisor so he or she
can assess your leadership skills.

After you complete the 4 assessments, you
must score them so you can analyze the results (the actual scores or summaries
of your actual scores) to add to your paper. In addition, select one assessment to give to a colleague so s/he can
assess your leadership skills. Upon completion, score that survey as well and analyze the
findings, this too should be
added to your paper.

Part of the analysis will require you to compare and
contrast the results of the assessments. Be sure to provide the actual numbers/scores and/or
summaries (of the numbers/scores) from your assessments
as part of your analysis in a well-written
paper. The main objective of this assignment is your observations related to
the findings of each of the instruments and how these contribute to your
understanding of yourself as a leader -both your strengths and areas to be

Final Project (2–4 pages in APA

Evaluate your current leadership characteristics,
style, and skills based on the assessment tools you and your
colleague/supervisor completed. Be sure to:

  • Include actual results or
    summaries of the results you collected using these tools
  • Identify personal leadership
    strengths as well as areas for improvement
  • Include U.S.-based references (including the course text) for
    leadership concepts covered in this course and relevant issues related
    ethics, diversity, and power in the organizational setting


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