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Liberty University Attachment in Adolescence And Parents Research Presentation

Description: This assignment requires you to create a PowerPoint presentation that applies research in developmental psychology to a practical problem during a specific stage in the lifespan.

Purpose: In the science of developmental psychology, scholars conduct research in both basic and applied settings. In fact, one of the more important reasons for engaging in developmental research is the application of findings to practical problems. This assignment will allow you to practice applying empirical research to help resolve a practical issue in human development. As a secondary goal, the assignment will give you experience with verbal presentation, which is a key lifelong professional skill.


Select a topic.

    • Pick an issue/problem that is interesting to you (attachment).
    • Focus on 1 developmental stage (adolescence).
  • Locate 5 empirical studies in peer-reviewed journals that address the issue identified above.
  • Create and narrate the presentation (see format below).
  • Students may choose the same topic and use the same material from the research paper submitted for Week 6 but must address practical problems for this assignment, which might require further research.


  • Include a title slide, content slides as needed, and a reference slide.
  • Avoid placing too many words on a slide (no more than 50 words).
  • Start by thinking about what you want to accomplish in your 10 minutes. Make a list of your presentation goals, and then subdivide the goals into relevant components. Have modest goals; you do not need to tie up the untidy details in the research literature. Introduce your listeners to the topic, take them to a moderate depth of understanding, engage them, and leave them wanting to know more.
  • For the introduction, be sure to set up the importance of this particular issue, situating it briefly in context.
  • For the body, explain the issue and how the research informs/addresses the issue. Provide key details (not overwhelming the listener with too many details).
  • For the conclusion, summarize your analysis and note the practical implications/applications.
  • After creating the slides, narrate the slides as you would if you were standing in front of an audience. If you need help narrating the slides, there are many tutorials online.
  • The presentation must be 10–12 minutes.
  • Current APA standards must be followed


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