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LIT 101 La Guardia College Hospitality in The Odyssey Essay

Hospitality is  one of the key values of the Homeric world: an essential element of  social exchange, honor and the negotiation of relationships. In the Odyssey, the  possibility of traveling (and Odysseus’ survival) depends on the  hospitality of strangers. One of the reasons that Odysseus’ journey is  so long is that, on one hand,  he is subject to the obligation of  accepting the welcoming hospitality of people he meets along his path,  on the other, he falls victim to unhospitable hosts and circumstances.

In a 3-4-page essay discuss how events in the Odyssey give  insight into this cultural trait. Who abuses and who honors the idea of  hospitality? And which are the consequences for those who abuse it?


  • Your paper must be double spaced.
  • Write  in complete, correct grammatical sentences. Use a spellcheck and edit  your paper carefully. Read out loud to make sure EVERY sentence makes  sense
  • This  is a formal essay. Avoid colloquialisms and review carefully the RULES  FOR WRITING you have received for this course (both my essays and Plain Style).
  • Do  not simply retell the story; this is not a book report. Do not  synopsize the poem. Come up with your own fresh, original ideas,  reflections and analysis.
  • Be  sure to organize your work, develop your argument and give supporting  evidence. You must use specific examples to illustrate your points from  both primary and secondary sources. PRIMARY source: The Odyssey. SECONDARY sources: my 4 clusters of notes on The Odyssey, the introduction to The Odyssey by Wilson and all remaining material posted on BB.
  • Be sure to cite anything you quote (The Odyssey by  chapter and line numbers). Avoid plagiarism by giving full credit for  any ideas, thoughts and words that are not your own, including on-line  sources and encyclopedias. Paraphrasing without citation is plagiarism.  You have been warned. Also, ideas based on random online sources and  spark notes will be considered plagiarism.
  • Be sure to address every aspect of the topic.
  • Demonstrate knowledge of typographic rules (italics, quotation marks etc.).


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