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Literature The Bloody Chamber Stories The Tigers Bride Analysis Paper

4 pages, double-spaced, 1-inch margins. Choose one of the following prompts. Apply your

prompt to one or two stories. Write a critical, analytical, focused, and engaging essay. Support

your assertions textually. Avoid generalities and cliche. Always ask yourself: What is important

about this (the assertion you are making)? . You may mix and match prompts or tweak them to suit

your interests. However, be sure that it is very clear what your big umbrella idea is. Do not use

outside sources.

Choose one story from (the Bloody chamber stories book) and do a structural analysis. How has Carter made this story? What

makes it move? What gives it its surprises or oddness? How is the meaning housed in

its construction?

? Things to explore:

Animals. Animals and humans. What is it to be human? Or animal? So many fairy and

folk tales use animals for characters; explore the ways Carter uses this trope.

Mirrors. Think about all the words associated with mirrors. Why are they so important in

so many stories? How do they further the plot or your understanding?

Roses. Please avoid cliches about purity, etc. Do a real investigation of the way this

flower works within its particular story.

I also want you to write about how women are most often the protagonists in these stories. Carter is clearly looking at the

ways women, and female sexuality, in particular, are traditionally cast or read in the tales.

What sort of things does Carter examine? Keep in mind that when you look at women

you are also looking at men. Do not fall into tired cliches of feminism here.

The book is attached as PDF

Although the stories are partially connected, choose one of them to write about specifically:

1- The Courtship of Mr. Lyon

2- The Tiger’s Bride, 

3- The Company of Wolves, 



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