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Loma Linda University How Prosthodontics Has Affected My Carrier as Dentist Essay

Write one page essay about

How had prosthodontics affected your carrier as a dentist?

Please i want you to read about the speciality to know some information about it in youtube and google

Prosthodontics is hard and difficult specially for women specially because its including clinical and dental lab works

Also we are the one who guided the other dental specialty to the treatment plan

So we master the work and this one of the effects that i want you to talk about

It’s changed me to be good planner and to defend my treatment plans based on literature

Also about the critical thinking 

And the commitment to my patients 

Patience because we spent long time to finish the treatment and then we keep following the patient

Also forming new habit such keeps my self undated with all kinds of dental materials and instruments to use in my work and I keep read all the new articles in prosthodontics to keep up with the time.

I want to link my statement and how it affected me as human then as dentist 

i go to dental college because I love the manual work and the prosthodontics add to me the planning strategies and how to see things from the end

From the patients smile and satisfaction at the end of the treatment 

And prosthodontics add to me the magic if change and It made me look at things not as they are now, but as I want to see them later after my work is done

And to link with my father story I want to say from the beginning of dental under grade education I don’t give attention to pain and dealing with soft tissue and disease I do care about the shapes and forms and smile redesign and digital dentistry Because I was sure that the doctor who restored my father’s eye had given him inestimable happiness compared to the surgeons who had removed inflammation and pain, had given him misery and lifelessness


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