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Long Beach City College Hindu Dance Discussion

Ritual Dance

According to Joan Cass in “Dance Through The Ages” define Ritual Dance.
What dance performances have you attended in which you can identify ritual connections?

respond to this classmate. 

Ritual Dance in the text book is a kind of traditional dance, a special kind of activity. It can happen one-time purpose or repeated at the same time each season. They have spirit, religious reason in the dance and normally ‘’ performed in connection with fertility, initiation, hunting, healing, death, war.’’ Ritual dancers can have traditional or special costumes. Some other element can be found in ritual dance are: sounds, body decorations, mask…

I had a chance to visit a minor community in a country in Asia on new year’s day. Lunar new year day is one of the most important days for this community to share food and dance. It was a forgettable memory because my friend took me to the village’s cultural center where the dance happens from the early day of the first day to the third day of the new year with a beautiful dance.  Cham people believe that dances interfere between the present world and the supernatural world, between humans and gods. People send in the dances their wishes about favorable weather, peaceful villages, health to live and serve the present world and make sacrifices to the Gods. From an aesthetic point of view, Champa dances show the beauty of the female body. In the individual dance, the dancer always wears a thin scarf. Her arms are wrapped around the top of her head, pulling the chiffon strip, her legs are lowered to the ground evenly, her weight is on her toes. Yellow or pink is the primary costume of the Cham dancers. In the dance, Cham’s song is like prayers for a prosperous new year with an abundant harvest, convenient weather, and wealthy families in their community. This dance just happens one per year in the 3 first days of each year.   

Indian Dance

How do the sensual aspects of Hindu dance compare to your personal or religious beliefs? You must respond to at least two students to receive credit for your work! To post your assignment you must read the required chapters in the course textbook and the lecture materials for the module.


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