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Long Island University Brooklyn Forensic Social Work Case Study Questions

Read Chapter 23. Using complete sentences answer each questions. Use content from Chapter 23 to support each answer. It is expected that content from Chapter 23 is presented in each answer to support your assignment.


Michael is a 44-year-old man charged with first degree robbery. He has already been incarcerated five previous times. Two of his previous convictions were for assault, where Michael maintains that he was defending himself after he was provoked. Michael was evaluated by psychologists three times while he was imprisoned. Psychologists diagnosed Michael with bipolar disorder twice, and once with schizoaffective disorder. Despite having a lengthy psychiatric history, there is no mention of Michael’s childhood from birth to age 7.

  1. Based on what we do know about Michael, share three questions would be relevant to ask regarding his childhood? Explain why these questions are important to ask? Use content from Ch. 23 to support your rationale. Be detailed.
  2. What records would we want to secure to understand Michael’s life better? Use content from Ch. 23 to support the answer. Be detaield in the answer.


You have been retained as an expert witness as a forensic social worker on a criminal defense case and are being asked to testify on the client’s likelihood to reoffend. You have had a chance to spend five sessions with the client, and have met some of the client’s friends and coworkers. However, the client’s family members refuse to speak with you and provide you with key mitigation information for the case. You have access to the client’s lengthy school records, teacher’s notes, and most recent progress notes from counseling.

  1. What sources do you rely upon the most in this case? Use content from Ch. 23 to support your detailed answer
  2. What questions do you think are relevant to answer on direct examination? Be detailed. Consider content from Ch. 23 to support your answer.
  3. What questions would be important to anticipate for cross-examination? Be detailed. Consider content from Ch. 23 to support your answer.


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