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Los Angeles City College Computer Technology Event Summary

What is a Current Event Summary?

  • Something that has happened in the past month.

What is the topic?

  • Computer Technology
    • People, places or things that have recently occurred and are related to computers, computer applications, computer ethics, computer use, computers in society, the list is endless.

Find an online “Current Event” article related to computer technology.

  • No advertisements (commercials) or company takeovers/mergers or stock reports.
  • How long should this summary be? 200 to 400 words.
    • And please do not have it all in one huge paragraph. That makes it very difficult for me to read, so break it down into 3 to 4 smaller paragraphs.
  • Begin the summary by identifying the main point(s) of the article. Big hint: the article title.
  • Followed by a few details, illustrating the main point(s).
  • And be sure to tell me why you find this article interesting.
  • Use your own words, to show me that you understood what you read.
  • If the article is too technical, then instead, look for an online newspaper or popular magazine article that is geared towards the general public, rather than gearheads.
  • If a phrase is just too good, and you must use it, then enclose it inside of quotation marks. Or indent the phrase like this:

It’s good to know that it’s fine when things go in an unintended direction, because you can always start over again. Keep calm, take the next-best option and move forward. Suga, Time Magazine, May 2020

Article citation required

  • A basic format for online citations: MLA 8

Work Cited

Author last name, first name. “Title of Article.” Website name. Publisher. Posting date. URL link. Date accessed (date you viewed the site).

  • Note that I require the Access date, which is the easiest part of the citation, because you know when you viewed the article.
  • The access date is very important for citing online information, because oftentimes online content gets updated.


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