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Los Angeles Southwest Alondra Nelson Medical History and The Black Panther Ques

Part 1:

Alondra Nelson Medical history and the Black Panther

African American organizations contribute to their communities with the highest ideals and goals. After watching this video what did Alondra Nelson teach you about the Black Panther Party that is often not shared but even forgotten. How is the legacy of their efforts still present today? How does the Black Panther Party serve as a role model for successful and organizational improvements that can be learned from their history. Forget about their demonization by the DOJ or the larger society. Concentrate on the history that should be told to young people in the generations after you.

You are required to post 3 times;( your initial post and your response to two other classmates) .Be sure to start your posts with your full name. Remember you will be required to post before replying. Use the name of the person you are replying to each time.

Your first post will be a bullet point historical summary endorsed by Alondra Nelson about the connections of health activism from the time of slavery, during the Black Panther Movement to the COVID crisis. You will then discuss what was learned from Freedom Summer activist to medical clinics of Black Panthers, Brownsville baby death, the long term issues of maternal care for African American Women, etc. You must watch video carefully to write your historical summary. Then in your replies you will discuss the most important historical facts on the Black Panthers health advocacy that you learned listening to Alondra Nelson. **video will be added

Part 2

Write a brief bio of Stanley Nelson after viewing the two videos. What did he try to accomplish with his films? What did he emphasize the most in his films? **video will be added

Part 3

What is the threat to America as discussed by James Baldwin? What is the fear behind that threat?

Write a brief paragraph answering those questions after viewing the entire Video. In addition what do you consider Baldwin’s most important comment in the video? What have you learned about his astute analysis of American history?

**video will be added


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