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Los Angeles Valley College Personal Beliefs and Biases Discussion

In a one- to two-page paper, consider the people and experiences that have shaped how you see yourself, how you see life, and, most importantly, how they have shaped your biases.

  • List and then describe a minimum of three things you believe to be true, such as the existence of God, right vs. wrong, morality, and what it means to be a “good” person.
  • Explain, in detail, how you acquired these beliefs (including the other people or experiences that have influenced you most), why these beliefs are important and how these beliefs will influence how you engage with people and policies in your future career. Do not simply say something like, “I believe in doing the right thing because it is the right thing.” You must really dig deep into your psyche and analyze your own perspective of the world; make your brain hurt!
  • Most importantly, discuss at least two cognitive biases discussed in Chapter 1 that you might be most subject to and why. Integrate these into your three beliefs and analyze the ways in which they shape you.

my mom is my biggest influence she came from Armenia at 19 went to college learned English earned her degree and was very successful. Her hard work and dedication is what pushes me everyday to achieve my goals. I want to become a  aesthetic nurse practitioner. I always see NP’s on Instagram and imagine myself in their shoes and how successful I want to be. Those people are my influencers in my career path. I believe in god. I believe that whatever happens in my life is because of him, he has helped me through many difficult times in my life. I am grateful to be christian. you can write whatever you want for the right vs wrong and good person.


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