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LSC Effective Human Relations Interpersonal & Organizational Applications Discussion

H5_Guilt and loss of self-respect can result when
you say or do things that conflict with what
you believe. One way to feel better about yourself is to “clean up” your integrity. Make a list
of what you are doing that you think is wrong.
Once the list is complete, look it over and determine whether you can stop these behaviors.
Consider making amends for things you have
done in the past that you feel guilty about.

H6_Describe your attitudes concerning
a. a teamwork environment
b. health and wellness
c. life and work
d. learning new skills
How do these attitudes affect you on a daily
basis? Do you feel you have a positive attitude
in most situations? Can you think of someone
you have frequent contact with who displays
negative attitudes toward these items? How
might you change this person’s attitudes?

H7_Prepare a list of all the things you wanted to
accomplish during the past year but didn’t.
Think of activities, responsibilities, and commitments, as well as personal and professional
goals. Without making excuses for your behavior, or blaming others, identify self-motivating
strategies discussed in this chapter that you can
implement to improve your chances of completing those tasks successfully.

H8_. To learn more about your approach to self-disclosure, complete each of the following
sentences. Once you have completed them all,
reflect on your written responses. Can you
identify any changes in your approach to self-disclosure that would improve communications
with others? Are there any self-disclosure skills
that you need to practice?

a. “For me, the major barrier to self-disclosure
is …”

b. “To establish a more mutually trusting relationship with others, I need to …”

c. “In order to receive more feedback from
others, I need to …”

d. “In situations where I should apologize for
something or voice forgiveness, I tend to …”


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