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LSC How Humble Leadership Fosters Employee Innovation Behavior Discussion Questions

H10_ Your company is considering adopting a tobacco-free employee hiring practice. As the Director of
Human Resources, you have been charged to research the legality of this proposal and provide
examples of companies/industries who engage
in this practice. Your charge also includes drafting a smoking cessation program for employees
who currently smoke. Creating a tobacco-free
work environment is a health and economic issue that the CEO would like to see implemented.
Make sure that you appraise the advantages and
disadvantages of these proposals.

H11_ Many employers say that Generation Y job applicants arrive at the job interview with an
overblown sense of entitlement—an enhanced
view of their self-importance. To avoid sending
this message, what behaviors should be
avoided during the interview?

H12_ The skills needed to be an effective leader can
be developed by anyone who is willing to invest the time and energy. It is possible to practice important leadership skills before you
assume the duties of a supervisor or manager.
Review the various ways to improve consideration and structure skills discussed in this chapter, and then begin searching for opportunities
to practice these skills. Here are some opportunities for practice:

a. Volunteer assignments in your community

b. Group assignments at work, at college, or at
your place of worship

c. Involvement in political, professional, or social activities.

H13_ Has there been someone in your life (now or
in the past) that you just can’t (or couldn’t)
stand? Explain the behaviors this person exhibits
that get on your nerves. Carefully examine
Figure 13.2, determine which category fits the
person best, and then describe what you might
do to help this person change his or her behavior. Be specific.

H17_ The concept of right livelihood is based on conscious choice, placing money in a secondary position, and work as a vehicle for personal growth.
Take time to reflect on the past six months and
evaluate if right livelihood principles have guided
you in your decision making. If so, discuss the influence of the concept, and if not, evaluate its importance in future decision making.


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