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Lynn University The Impact of Socialism in The World Questions

  1. The subtopics should flow together and not be all over the place. The ideas are arranged logically to support the central purpose. They are usually clearly linked to each other. For the most part, the reader can follow the line of reasoning. Effective use of coordination, subordination, division and parallelism
  2. References are primarily peer reviewed professional journals or other approved sources. The reader is confident that the information and ideas can be trusted.
  3. The evidence comes from a wide variety of valid sources. The bibliography is complete and reflects appropriate sources. Sources are exceptionally well integrated and they support claims argued in the paper very effectively.
  4. Sentences are well-phrased and varied in length and structure. They flow smoothly from one to another.
  5. Compelling evidence from professionally legitimate sources is given to support claims. Attribution is clear and fairly represented.
  6. The conclusions reached should be well supported by the body of your work It is essential to check that the conclusions, questions raised or suggested solutions are strongly supported within the report. Well written conclusions accomplish three objectives: Provides highlights from the body paragraphs and subtopics; indicates the relevance and significance of the findings; and calls for action.
3️⃣ Assignment formatting and reminder

A research paper with a minimum of 15 scholarly sources (the majority of which must be dated within the last three years and have come from scholarly sources) organized with cover page, abstract, introduction, thesis, subtopics and a conclusion. The paper must be between 13 to 15 pages, APA style. Use the APA Student Paper Template for Word that Lynn University provides thru the library.

Submission of empty files, corrupted files or wrong assignments (from other courses) are considered late until you submit the right file. Keep in mind that late work incurs a penalty as referenced in the syllabus. The instructor usually takes three days to grade an assignment but under no circumstances it will take more than one week.


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