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Module 2 Assignment 1 features the design of a flowchart to plan the logic in a program. To complete this assignment, review the Module 2 Exploration 1 Program Design with Flowcharts and watch the video called Basic Flowchart Shapes for tips on how to draw a flowchart.


The first steps describe the contents of your flowchart and the second numbered steps describe how to create the flowchart and post your homework.

Requirements for Your M2 Assignment 1 Flowchart & Pseudocode Design

Design a a flowchart that will ask users for their name, where they want to go, how long they plan to stay, and calculate how much it will cost by multiplying the days by $100 per day.

  1. In a welcome message, tell the customer that she/he won a free vacation with airfare and hotel expenses paid.
  2. Ask for the customer’s name.
  3. Ask the user “where do you want to go for vacation? Display the location on screen.
  4. How many days will they spend on vacation, 4 or 7 days?
  5. Calculate the cost by multiplying the number of days by 100.
  6. Display the total expenses for food and entertainment.

How to Complete Your M2 Assignment 1 Flowchart & Pseudocode Design

  1. Watch the video in Exploration 1 for tips on how to draw it.
  2. Use any drawing tool, like Draw.io, Canva, LucidChart or even Word, that has flowchart shapes.
  3. Create the correct shapes and label them: start, input, process, output and stop.
  4. Draw your flowchart vertically, beginning with Start and ending with Stop.
  5. Save the drawing as a .PNG or .JPG format.
  6. Insert your flowchart in a Word document and add your name. Save it with the name M2Lab1initials.docx or as a .pdf. [example for someone with the initials cc: M2Lab1cc.docx]
  7. Upload to M2 Assignment 1 Flowchart & Pseudocode Design Assignment Submission Folder as a.docx or .pdf document. Your flowchart assignment should be readable using MS Word or Adobe Acrobat. See the video for an example.

See the Schedule in the Syllabus Module for due dates. Review the Rubric attached to the Assignment Submission Folder for grading information.