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Management Pollys Insurance Question

Read Chapter 14, 15, view the Power Points and other material in the Content tab.

1. What are the major differences between term and permanent life insurance? When is it best to get term insurance?

2. While driving in a severe thunderstorm Polly collided with another car. Two passengers in the other vehicle were injured. They filed suit against Polly. One claimed $115,000 injuries and the other claimed $150,000 in injuries. The driver of the other vehicle was not harmed, but his car’s damage totaled $6,600. Polly has 100/300/50 coverage.

a) What amount will Polly’s insurance company have to pay to settle these claims?

b)What amount of money will Polly be responsible for paying out of her own pocket in this instance?

3. Amanda had an auto accident with another car with no injuries to anyone. Amanda exchanged information with the other driver and he admitted he was at fault. He begged her not to report it, saying he had a bad driving record and feared losing his driver’s license. He promised to pay for repairing her car.

a) What should Amanda do?

b) Explain why.

4. Winston is married, has four children, owns his home, and has a roofing business. One of Winston’s children has a hereditary heart condition that requires monthly hospitalization for monitoring.

a) What are the four major types of insurance coverage Winston would be wise to purchase?

5. You have a fee-for-service health insurance policy with 80/20 coverage. Your deductible is $750. In February you had a claim for a doctor’s visit for $250. In May, you have a minor surgical procedure at a clinic that cost $2500. How much of this new claim will you have to pay?

6. Kathy is a thirty-two year old, stay-at-home mother of three children aged 4,2 and six months. The family doesn’t have much extra money each month. Kathy has no life insurance coverage, but she feels she should buy a policy to cover her life in case something happens to her and her husband would need to provide care for the children. Her husband does not think it is necessary.

a)What kind of life insurance policy would you suggest would be best for her to buy and why?


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