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Mapping Segregation in Washington Analysis

For this assignment, you will write an 800-1000-word response (about 3 double-spaced pages) to the
website, “Mapping Segregation in Washington D.C.” hosted by Prologue D.C. This website is a multimedia
presentation of the history of housing segregation in the Washington D.C. area. Its public and oral history
components include timelines, maps, photographs, documents, and coverage on court cases.

Please look through all of the sections of the website; explore the multimedia maps, read a sampling of the
essays, browse photographs, and look over documents.

Once you have familiarized yourself with the website and its contents, answer the following questions in
essay format (no lists or bullet points, please):

• How does the website succeed or fail to introduce the history of housing segregation in
Washington D.C.?
• What new information does the website include about Washington D.C. that is not generally
• At the bottom of the homepage click on the area called FHA insured housing. Look through the
various maps and explanations. Pick one of the three maps, read the explanation to the right and
write about how the map contributed to the understandings that a visitor might get from the
website. You can find the direct link here:…
• Select one other map or image in the Gallery or Map section at the top of the homepage and
discuss any insights or surprises in these images. Make sure to describe the image, real estate ad,
or map, so we can understand what you are discussing.
• In total, how well did the website display its content and accomplish its educational objectives?

It is up to you how much space to devote to each question. You should respond to all of them in some way.
Please write in third person (so avoid statements like “I think” or “I believe”). As the author, we know that
what you are writing is your opinion, so you do not need to qualify your statements. Write sentences such
as “This website does a good job of…” or “The information about Washington, D.C. provides new insights


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