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Marketing Strategy and Ads and How its Related to Simulation Essay

These are the instructions for this paper: (after reading the instructions, please choose on of the topics in the picture attached to use as a subject in the paper).

It is not enough merely to obtain simulated experience running a firm. You also need to reflect on this experience. The reflective essays serve as a learning vehicle to apply different concepts covered in our classes to your simulation experience.

This assignment is your first individual reflection essay and it should be about 2-3 pages, plus an optional cover sheet. Please use 12-point Times Roman font, 1-inch margins, 1.5-line spacing, and page numbering throughout, and submit your completed response as a .PDF below. 

For your essay you can select any strategy topic that we have covered so far in this course. Once you choose your topic, make sure to explain it—briefly—at the beginning of your essay, in a way that someone who does not know this concept can understand what it is, and why it is used in strategic management. Then, explain why you chose this topic to reflect on with your simulation experience, how it relates to the experiential simulation activity you have been working on so far. Make sure to specify how the theory informs your strategic decision making in the simulation, or the results you have seen so far for your firm and competitors’, by giving specific examples from your Marketplace SIM experience.

The goal is to bridge your learning experience from simulation to the theories and concepts covered in class. I will evaluate your submission according to depth of insight. A trite or superficial essay, even if 100% correct, will not merit a good grade. The depth of reflection is more important than the mechanical regurgitation of course material. Likewise, an essay that just talks about the technical details of the simulation without linking it to the theoretical concept will not merit a good grade either. You should apply and link the theory to the experience of the simulation and write a balanced essay.


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