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Marymount University Race and Ethnic Relations in The US Essay

Yes, “the data is old”.  The U.S. Census is gathered every 10 years.  So let us not belabor the point. You are not being asked to “believe” or “disbelieve” the data.  All data do get “old” the very day they are collected, and all data gathering are not perfect.

With that said, review the census and descriptive statistical data attached, Race By the Number.docx download. Using the Census data (figures), analyze 5 of the statements below.  Here is a way to approach the assignment. Imagine that someone is expressing the following perceptions and sentiments:

  1. Because of Affirmative Action (this is not a policy debate), jobs are now being given to unqualified minorities at the expense of whites.
  2. It is terrible what is happening in many universities and colleges.  A large number of minorities are being accepted at the expense of  whites.
  3. Because of public pressure, the majority of Fortune 500 Companies in the US are promoting minorities to CEO’s positions at the expense of whites.
  4. Race/ethnicity is a biological reality.  Thus, the racial classifications adopted by the US Census have been consistent over the years because they conform to the way nature made people.
  5. Racial segregation is now a thing of the past.  After all, majority of Americans now go to school and live in neighborhoods with equal proportions of people of diverse backgrounds.
  6. The American criminal justice is fair.  All people get treated the same by the justice system regardless of race and ethnicity
  7. Because of they constitute 74% of the U.S. population, Caucasians adults are more likely to be stopped, searched and arrested on pretext by the police.  Similarly, Caucasian juveniles are most likely to placed in detention facilities for the least violation for which other minorities get a pass by the police and public schools administrators.
  8. It is very strange this day and age to be hearing minorities talk about racial/ethnic hatred.  For every single white race/ethnic-hater, there is equal number of angry blacks (Hispanics or Native Americans) who hate Caucasians.
  9. It is sickening really to see that minority students are being given all the scholarships. If you are a Caucasian, it is a waste time to apply for any scholarships. Use this, Kantrowitz, M. (2011, September 2). The distribution of grants and scholarships by race. Publisher of and (Links to an external site.)

Your task is to shed light on the reality of race/ethnic relations in the US–the extent to which these claims are true, partially true or false based on the empirical evidence.  This is not about your personal beliefs or experiences; it is about using the data. Do not hesitate to combine basic trends observed in the data to drive and to support/refute your analysis. Copy and paste each claim as your header followed by your analysis.

Conclude the paper with a single issue that stood out for you. Explain why.


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