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Mayo Clinic Health Market Analysis and Project Stakeholders Paper


The purpose of this assignment is to conduct market analysis to set goals and formulate action and communication plans for the proposed  initiative.

Before you begin the written assignment, make sure you have conducted research relevant to the strategic initiative business plan. Include 

market analysis that can be used to formulate goals and outcomes, project structure, and 

stake holder identification, needs, and communication.

In a 1,250-1,500 word business plan that is clear and concise and utilizes business language an style, address the following using  bullet points, narratives, and relevant visuals.

History or rationale for the proposed strategic initiative, including industry trend data and other relevant research.

Market analysis (internal and external) summary and explanation for how this analysis supports the proposed initiative. Include discussion regarding 


Measurable project goals and outcomes and their relationship to the strategic focus of the organization.

Description of the project structure including alliances, contractual relationships, etc. and explanation of how each supports the proposed initiative.

Prioritized list of project stakeholders and an analysis of the effect of diverse stakeholder cultures, values, beliefs, and experiences that need to be considered in the proposed initiative.

Table that summarizes the communication plan describing how information will be disseminated to stakeholders including the communication strategies to be used and justification for each, the types of communication channels to be used, and how the communication plan supports what you hope to achievewith the strategy initiative. Articulate the specific leadership skills you will use to facilitate collaboration and communication between stakeholders.

HI Thank you this paper is based on a Swot Analysis that I did a few weeks ago. Some of the information will be based off of the Swot analysis. The main focus will be the Strategic goal, I didn’t do well on the strategic initiative or goal so I will send some suggestions of the strategic initiatives you may use. The organization is the Mayo ‘clinic so that will stay the same. Thanks again and please let me Know if you need more Info .


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