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MBA 548 Champlain College MBA Leadership Seminar Discussion

Part A. Aligning Leadership Approaches with Personal Leadership Development

Considering Hernandez etal’s two-dimensional framework, we see how perspectives about leadership vary. We can note that with time preferences for particular types of shift; distributions of power and leadership loci are fluid. People, social values, time, events, and place shape perspectives about leadership and leaders. Please answer all 4 questions.

  • Have you considered how your preferred leader traits (ILTs) and your growth plans coincide with your personal and social schema?
  • Have you found that your own leadership preferences and leadership identity have been shaped by people, social values, time, events, and places within your own experience?
  • Given this influence how might you make sense of what our authors tell us this week? And how would you account for the possible tension you have observed or experienced given these differing approaches?
  • How might you make sense of leadership approach difference and the call for organizations today to make space for a particular leadership approach?

Part B. Anticipating Organizational Challenges to Leadership Approach

Explore how your leadership approach has been a result of your personal scheme–your experiences, beliefs, and role models. Please answer all four questions in detail.

  • How is this approach framed and explained by Hernandez et al’s two-dimensional model?
  • How do your preferences for approaching leadership fit within the needs of today’s organization?
  • How are your leadership preferences aligned and in conflict with the organization’s existing prevalent approach? Pose why you believe your leadership approach, if you were to be authentically you, is needed given today’s turbulence and VUCA (volatility, uncertainty, complexity, and ambiguity)?
  • How might you work within the existing leadership-approach norm to shift your organization so that it includes your preference. Present why this shift would be important?

Note: Please answer separately in one document, 2 pages for Part A and 4 full pages for Part B excluding the cover and reference pages. Please do not forget the conclusion and references. The references must include the URL address.


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