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MDC Sociology Film Media Culture Socialization & the Body Analysis

Sociology Film Analysis: Media, Culture, Socialization, and the Body

Please  answer the following prompt with as much detail as possible. A  well-written essay will demonstrate mastery of concepts presented in the  textbook, film, and relevance to both sociological inquiry and your  personal life. Essays should be no shorter than 1000 words and typed in  no larger than 12 fonts and double-spaced. Ensure that you write in both  a grammatically correct manner and alignment and spacing utilized are  in accordance with standard academic custom. Note that you do not need  to utilize outside information; however, if you do choose to utilize  outside sources, please ensure that you cite in accordance with a  standard academic format (e.g. Mills, 22 or Berger, 15). Plagiarism or  other forms of academic dishonesty will not be tolerated and result in  an ungraded assignment (hence a “0” for that assignment). In addition,  failure to meet the minimum page or word count requirement will also  result in an ungraded assignment. Once you have typed your essay in a  word processing document, submit in the dropbox prior to the due date.  This assignment is worth 15% toward your total grade.


The  films Miss Representation and The Mask You Live In delve into numerous  themes related to concepts discussed in your textbook. Both films  include discussions concerning media representation, the social  construction of masculinity and femininity, gender inequity, sexism,  violence, rape, self-image, eating disorders, race, body image, media  centralization, labeling, deviance, the sexualization of young girls,  objectification of women’s bodies, and suicidal and homicidal violence,  to name a few concepts. Discuss the main points of both documentaries,  paying keen attention to the aforementioned issues, and, its effects on  the social expectations and lives of young girls, boys, men, and women.  Furthermore, where relevant, relate the films to concepts discussed in  chapters 4, 5, 7,11 and 16. Additionally, personally reflect on what the  film meant to you and how the media has contributed to your notions of  beauty, sexuality, and gender.

Textbook: Ritzer: Introduction to Sociology, 5e (Interactive ebook)

ISBN: 9781544391571


BUNDLE: Ritzer: Introduction to Sociology, 5e (Loose-leaf) + Ritzer: Introduction to Sociology Interactive eBook 5e

ISBN: 9781071802311


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