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Medical Education and Consultation Services Discussion

You need to read the article and make a discussion post that have a relation to the textbook. Postings and articles need to be relevant to Chapter 5 and 6 of Healthcare Reframing book. Briefly make a point about something in that article or that article’s major theme, related to readings, to help educate us on its relevance. These posts do not have to be very long (150-170 words). Those responding (70-100 words) to a student’s post can simply give a sentence or two assessing what the original student post made them think about more (but please make it more than “I liked your post!”). You must always try and bring in an idea from the current or a past module when doing your original blog post.

Article link:…

Yunqi Zhu’s post (you need to reply to for 100 words):…
This article provides deep insights on why the African continent has underdeveloped healthcare systems and why there is need to rebrand to improve healthcare service provision. The article reveals that health systems in Africa are underdeveloped because of poor infrastructure. Most countries are poor, making it impossible to provide healthcare services in rural and remote areas. Surprisingly, these countries have good university hospitals, specialized treatment centers, and excellent medical facilities in major cities. It means that if a patient wants specialized treatment, he or she would be required to travel to major cities. From a patient’s perspective, such health provision circumstances are costly and scarce because many people from different parts of a country can crowd in one specialized hospital. Rebranding of healthcare systems in Africa should be a collective issue. For instance, health groups, governments, and NGOs should work together to ensure the improvement of healthcare services. However, I feel changes in the political and economic sectors should be implemented in Africa to improve the state of healthcare systems. Leaders should fund healthcare systems and provide necessary medical facilities for health improvement. They should also build hospitals in rural areas to avoid congestion in cities where patients look for medical services.


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